question list by category shortcode does not work

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Hello Rahul,

I searched at your site on how to use category shortcode, the right format seems like this:  [anspress categories=”category_slug”]

but on my site, there is a category named “show”, so I use this shortcode in category page:


[anspress categories=”category_show”]


But it does not work, here is backend setting screenshot:

and here is frontend page:


anything wrong please?





oh, it works again, but not really understand why it need take some time, but I am sure it is not cache related.


any way to show questions list by “category” and “feature” mixed shortcode please?



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Hello Alex,

You can always use WP_Query to generate custom list of questions. You can see an example in questions widget.

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Hi Rahul,

I just suppose you mean this way:

but, shortcode is always a flexible way to embed some feature, hot, category into a page or post, to promote users to join the online activaities. on my site, it does not work now.

it would be much helpful if it works, but if not, I need think out other ways.