Q&A Link in Buddypress Member Profile Area


Hi there my champion friends
I have buddyboss theme, a buddypress type.
The anspress Q&A link in member profile goes to a page without the Ask Question link visible. This makes it difficult for the member to select the Ask Question section, with a go around being difficult to navigate.
I figue itd be better if the Q&A link in member profile section would go to the anspress page with the Ask Question link availalbe. Is this possible?
If so, then how do i remove the original Q&A link from buddypress member profiel area? And i am ok with adding the Link to the Q&A page that’ll have the Ask Question link.
It seems anspress has not allowed for this error. It seems the software is broken, until fixed in the next release.
Please can you help me?
Trying again/

Asked question