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I know that the idea of AnsPress is a Q and A platform. IE a user posts a question, and someone else posts an answer. However, can I with some small modifications make the plugin behave as a discussion platform? IE make a question become a discussion and an answer becomes a response? Please advise how


Isn’t this a duplicate post ? –¬†https://anspress.io/questions/question/post-advice/

In reality, all you need to do is install the Loco Translate plugin, and modify the language file changing “question” to “discussion” and “answer” to “response”. It’s essentially cosmetic with no coding.

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hi there this is a duplicate as nobody answered me on how its done. I now know thanks so much T

also, PS, I have another unanswered question I am hoping you can help me with – also had no reply on that one:

Does askbug come with a built in slider and can I use a slider as the home page and from the slider, put a link to the forum?

Thanks for your help