Problem – Social Login Profile Picture overrides the deafult avatar image size setting


I use the plugin – WordPress Social Login. While saving the users image, it also adds the size parameters to the url. So, in the askpress plugin – when it pulls the image of the social logged in user, its like

[facebook] – http://(url)width=150&height=150

[googleplus] its like – http://(url)?sz200

These makes the formatting bad.

For facebook – if you remove the width and height from the url (using firebug), it works fine and takes the anspress settings. But in google plus, if you remove sz200, it takes the original size of the photo. I have not tested it for twitter login.

Is there a solution ? orI am doing something wrong ?


Please ask this issue on social login plugin support forum. This issue is not related to AnsPress.


commented on answer

It only overlaps on the ask page. Anspress chooses which avatar to get.

When inspecting the avatar logged in socially, it does say ap.avatar