Please provide your suggestions about AnsPress email subscriptions – closes in 3 days

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Hello Everyone,

I am working on improving AnsPress email subscriptions. So, I wish to know everyone’s feedback on how to handle subscription system database and queuing.

I wish to notify every user for subscribed taxonomies and users about new question and answers. Of course you gonna need more then PHP SendMail/Gmail SMTP to send lots of mail.



Any update on this?

Did you get to implement onesignal? I need it urgently. I saw that one signal has a WordPress plugin already can this work out of the box?


I have no idea what webpush or OneSignal is, please just don’t do any non-standard notifications.

Email is ok for the majority. Anything more/else please add it ad an extra addon.


How would the email work?  Would it send out an email immediately for each individual question submitted or would it wait till the end of day and send out an email with all questions that have been submitted that match your taxonomies?

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Interval can be configured.


I think that for small QA sites, and most of them are or will be small, standard email notification via PHP will be enough, but for heavy usage there is need for different approach:

  1. We could use a OneSignal API for push/web push notifications,
  2. External services, probably (10k mails/mc free) and similar.
  3. Use of BuddyPress notification system instead.
  4. Own simple dropdown notification addon, similar to BuddyPress, that You can add to menu, add as widget or php code.
  5. Combine email and OneSignal notifications, mail – one a day with summary, and Web push for instant notifications.

As for database and, I need to think about it. There is no easy way to do it without sacrificing performance.

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So shall I consider web push over email? because I can only work on one at the moment. I think OneSignal will be much better then email notification.

I’am afraid that email notifications will be better choice for most. As I said earlier, the vast majority of QA installations are or will be small, so for them emails will do. As for bigger Q&A’s You can add to email addon, as option, an external service provider. Push notifications service will be hard to configure for many people, but email addon will be working almost out of the box. So push notifications is good idea, but for the future, as optional addon.