Order By redirects to homepage, Tag filter doesn’t work

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First of all, thank you for this amazing plugin! I have a few questions. I implemented the plugin on the following webpage:


I use it in combination with Polylang (which caused some issues in the URL formations, but I fixed this using redirects). The “Order By” doesn’t work. I get redirected to the homepage. The tag filter also doesn’t work: nothing gets filtered. How can I fix this?


Best regards,


Hello Kevin,
Does all this issues happens only when polylang active?


Hello Kevin,

If you are comfortable with plugin modifications, here is my workaround to fix the tag filter:


On /anspress-question-answer/addons/free/tag.php:

A wrong query var is being used. It should be qtag instead of tag


$current_filter = ap_get_current_list_filters( ‘tag’ );


$current_filter = ap_get_current_list_filters( ‘qtag’ );


On /anspress-question-answer/includes/common-pages.php:

When the Tag filter is being used with the Category filter, its search result will be appended to the Category search result. I think it should intersect instead





If you decided to change the ‘OR’ with ‘AND’ as suggested above, if $tax_relation is ‘AND’, it does not need to be added to tax_query because ‘AND’ is the default value

Replace the first occurrence of:

$args[’tax_query’] = array( ‘relation’ => $tax_relation );


if( $tax_relation == ‘OR’ )

As described on developers.wordpress.org, tax_query’s relation parameter shall not be used with a single inner taxonomy array


if( $tax_relation == ‘OR’ && count( $args[’tax_query’] ) < 3 ) {

    unset( $args[’tax_query’][’relation’] );



$args = apply_filters( ‘ap_main_questions_args’, $args );


On /anspress-question-answer/includes/qaquery-hooks.php:

If you don’t want questions and answers from the session cookies to appear on search results:

Comment out:

if ( ! empty( $ap_type ) ) {

    // Include user’s session questions.

    $session_posts = anspress()->session->get( $ap_type . ‘s’ );

    $ids = sanitize_comma_delimited( $session_posts );

    if ( ! empty( $ids ) ) {

        $sql[’where’] = $sql[’where’] . $wpdb->prepare( ” OR ( {$wpdb->posts}.ID IN ({$ids}) AND {$wpdb->posts}.post_type = %s )”, $ap_type );






commented on answer

Hello Adrian,
Thanks for the suggestion. I fixed it and committed to github.
If you have any fix feel free to send a pull request to our GitHub repo anspress/anspress.

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