OneSignal push notification is ready.

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Happy to announce that OneSignal integration is complete and it is uploaded to demo site for public testing. I request interested people to give it a try on our demo siteĀ Demo Site.

How to test:

  • Allow notification when popup shows up.
  • Create a question by logging in.
  • Answer or comment from another browser or device with different account.

It is well tested with Chrome and Firefox. We recommend testing on Safari and android.

Answered question

I tried to test, but i was not able to register on the demo site only, as I neither received any confirmation mail for register nor lost password to reset.

Hello Dr. Atul,
Just added social login in demo site.

i can confirm that it’s working on Android.. will post the screenshot when i get free.

works, and just show: thanks for subscribing.


Good afternoon!
This functionality will be implemented as a separate add-on?

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