OneSignal push notification is ready.

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Happy to announce that OneSignal integration is complete and it is uploaded to demo site for public testing. I request interested people to give it a try on our demo site Demo Site.

How to test:

  • Allow notification when popup shows up.
  • Create a question by logging in.
  • Answer or comment from another browser or device with different account.

It is well tested with Chrome and Firefox. We recommend testing on Safari and android.

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I tried to test, but i was not able to register on the demo site only, as I neither received any confirmation mail for register nor lost password to reset.

Hello Dr. Atul,
Just added social login in demo site.

i can confirm that it’s working on Android.. will post the screenshot when i get free.

works, and just show: thanks for subscribing.


Good afternoon!
This functionality will be implemented as a separate add-on?


Hi Rahul Aryan,
May I know how can I set up the onesignal notification in my website? Any documents or add-on?

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I also want to know it but can’t find any instructions.
Have you done it Fang Kiang?


Hi, how can integrate One Signal to Anspress to send notifications when new Ask is published?

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