Monthly reputation leaderboard?

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I am using the AskBug theme. Is there a way to show monthly reputation points of users in the leaderboard?

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Hello Rahul, Thanks for the update! I tested it by manually downloading the plugin file and activating it. The new widget is available, but it’s failing to fetch the reputation score and giving the following error when I put it on the sidebar.

As you can see, it’s showing “No user found with reputation.” although the top user widget is showing the reputations overall. I set the time duration to 365 days.

I think it should be an easy fix!

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Thanks for reporting back. Please make sure you have run DB update. A DB update message will show in wp-admin. Once you run that, users will start appearing.

Hello Rahul,

Thank you. I do not see any DB update yet. I hope when you push the newest version of the plugin via WordPress, it will show up. Best, Arafat

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