Monthly reputation leaderboard?

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I am using the AskBug theme. Is there a way to show monthly reputation points of users in the leaderboard?

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Hello Rahul, Thanks for the update! I tested it by manually downloading the plugin file and activating it. The new widget is available, but it’s failing to fetch the reputation score and giving the following error when I put it on the sidebar.

As you can see, it’s showing “No user found with reputation.” although the top user widget is showing the reputations overall. I set the time duration to 365 days.

I think it should be an easy fix!

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Thanks for reporting back. Please make sure you have run DB update. A DB update message will show in wp-admin. Once you run that, users will start appearing.

Hello Rahul,

Thank you. I do not see any DB update yet. I hope when you push the newest version of the plugin via WordPress, it will show up. Best, Arafat


Hello Arafat,
This is now available in AnsPress but not published yet. You can download and upload it manually if you want. You can download that from our repository:
PR is here, if you wish to see what’s changed:

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