Localization Compatibility Warning

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Hi Rahul! Hi everybody!

I’m finally back and ready to upgrade my anspress! I already have quite a few questions that I’ll post little by little. First things first, I’m starting to translate the plugin to French and I have a compatibility warning in my translation plugin (Localization). Not a big deal I guess but here is for you Rahul :

PS : I just love what I see after upgrade! The plugin evolved super nicely. Among others, I really appreciate the ability to setup the slugs, the “Subscribe” button, the hovercards and the notification system! :thumbsup:


Fred, plsease replace to suggested function, and if that solves the issue then I will update anspress core.

I hope you are using some WP plugin to translate AnsPress, in that case it may not work. Casuse I am using prior action load_textdomain. Try poedit.net for translation.

Let me know.

Hi Rahul!
I’m using a plugin to translate yes but there is no problem whatsoever (except some missing strings). I’ll see if I can update the function. Thx!