Load More button is not working under Q&A

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Hello again.
In profile pages, at the Q&A page, “load more” button at the bottom of the page is not working. Both for questions and answers.
I’ve checked now and it’s also not working for reputations page too under Q&A

In addition, I’m using BuddyPress. I’ve deactivate it and looked the profiles again. This time questions page was fine but without “load more” button. Answers and reputations pages were not working load more button.

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I am checking


I made another fix, please check in GitHub.

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It works for questions tab. But no change on Answers and Reputation tabs. If you must add too much codes, I suggest to remove Q&A tab on buddypress man. It’s already possible to reach questions and answers by BP’s activity page filter. If it’s easier to you.

Today I checked the last commit and it’s fixed. Thank you.


I made a fix to GitHub

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Unfortunately didn’t fix it. No change, however I use buddypress for listing questions or answers by a user and it’s doing fine.

Did you tried downloading from GitHub?

I have just download and tried again from github. It works normally but it doesn’t when I activate buddypress. There’s somethin about with BuddyPress integration.