Label extension and anspress 4.0.5

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Hello, can i know if labels extension is compatibile with latest revision?

I would use that extension to convert Anspress in a bugtracking system, so labels are mandatory imho.

I’ve seen that the extension page has the description and installation process of askbug theme. Can i use this extension without that theme? since i would install Anspress integrating it in my community site.


Hello – I’ve just upgraded to 4.05 (from 3 something) and got this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ap_list_filters_get_active() in /home/c10mill2/public_html/ on line 476

So I went to this site, to get the latest labels extensions – have paid 15$ to renew my extension – but nothing is available to download.

Please advise asap as in the interim my site is down.

Thank you.

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Please get in touch by email, [email protected] also delete downloaded plugin from your site.


Any news about it Rahul? i need labels but can’t see any download on this site


Hello Yehonal,
Yes compatible but some breaking changes are introducing this month. So, I will suggest you to get it after 1st July.

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thanks so i’ll wait
[OT] however i’m starting to contribute with italian translation. i’ve sent 2 PR

hi Rahul! Any news about label addon? currently it’s the only missing feature for me