Is there any possible conflict between AnsPress and Buddypress profiles ?

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Hi Rahul!

Great plugin you have here! I really love the overall feeling and the attention to details! The profiles are great too but I’m already using Buddypress on my live site. Before going any further, I would like to know how WP/BuddyPress profiles and AnsPress profiles interact with each other: are they somehow related? Is there anyway to merge them? Or is this planned for a future release?

I actually like the profiles so much that I’m considering using them as my main profiles.

Thanks again!



Awesome plugin – and it would be even more amazing with a BuddyPress intergration. Please consider it. “In exchange” I could provide german translation for you, if needed 🙂

hi, Martin Waiss, OKey I will add the integration after major features are ready.

Hi Rahul, awesome – thank you very much 🙂 Greetings from Vienna!

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