Integrating with BuddyPress groups

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I would like to integrate AnsPress with BuddyPress groups and wondering if there’s a way to achieve this.  I would like each group to have its own AnsPress category as a tab.  The user goes to the group and clicks on the tab to view questions and answers.  Then they list of questions.  From there they can click on each question to view it.
I know I can create a custom tab in a group and using shortcode add a category into that tab.  But the problem I think will happen is that when a user goes to that tab and clicks a question it will load the question on its own instead of loading the group page with the question now displaying in the custom tab.  Basically, the user should at all times stay in the group instead of leaving it to view the question.
Is this even possible with custom development and if so any feedback on how to get this achieved would be appreciated.

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Hello Robert ,

I was wondering if the issue was resolved for you , If yes if you could please share the solution thanks !


Yes, this can be achieved but I am sorry that there is not a simple answer for this question and if you are interested you can go with our customization service. You can reach us at [email protected]

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