Infinite loading of post

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Hi, I’m two days I’m trying to run the plugin but I can’t start the questions.

I searched the forum but have not come to the resolution of the problem.

When I click on post button, I have a infinite loadingĀ but nothing happens.

The console tells me this problem

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery (…). Tooltipster is not a function

(anonymous function) @ ap.min.js? ver = 1
m.Callbacks.j @ jquery.js? ver = 1.11.2: 2
m.Callbacks.k.fireWith @ jquery.js? ver = 1.11.2: 2
m.extend.ready @ jquery.js? ver = 1.11.2: 2
J @ jquery.js? Ver = 1.11.2: 2

Thank you in advance for your reply!


Its look like the enqueue name conflict, replace all contents of


to this:

no, nothing to do the problem is not solved.

Show me a screen capture of your console