Image upload on Ask problem

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It looks like this issue may already have been resolved based on some other posts, but I’m sure. Should I grab the latest github? Thanks again!

When I try to upload an image on the Ask form, I get an error: “Something went wrong, last action failed.” I actually got the same answer right here when I tried to upload an image.


Issue has been solved, check the latest commit on GitHub.

This issue was hapenning on all webkit browsers.

Confirmed, thank you once again!

Sir, thank you for the confirmation.

Are you going to be incorporating this in an update soon?

Chris, you can get latest commit from our GitHub repository. New version is scheduled this 15th, but still there is long list of tasks 😀

I will wait for your next release. If I want to disable link to image, how can I do that?

This cannot be done at the moment. But will add a filter soon.