image required on every question and answer

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hi, is there any way to set the image as required on every question or answer?
Every user that post question or answer MUST upload an image.



i’m looking about your answers…..the problem remain the same, how can i add a custom field to anspress editor?

IMPORTANT: I’m looking for a solution that i can use with the FRONT-END anspress editor

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You can check reCpatcha for simplest way to add custom field to AnsPress.

thanks for the support Rahul but i can’t understand what i must do…..
anyway, maybe you can add this feature (image required) into a future version of anspress


The only way i can think of is to do this with Advanced Custom Fields. You can create custom fields there, add them to the anspress editor and then set it as required.

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Yes, I agree. Simplest solution without getting your hands dirty 🙂

Question 1: can i create what i want using the free ACF version or paid version?
Question 2: this method needs to edit the anspress php file?

Q1: Yes the free version should do the job, pro is not needed
Q2: No you don’t need to edit any php file with this plugin

sorry but i can’t understand the phrase “add them to the anspress editor”, how can i add a custom field to anspress editor?

Please read this article:
Or simple google for more documentation of this plugin, since this is not a support forum for ACF