How to post a question not in the default language (WPML + anspress).

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You can log in on my site with and credentials

  • User: Test
  • Password: test

Then you can go to this page: Click in the right top corner on the Dutch flag in instead of the current English. Now you are in the Dutch part of the site, post a question. You will see that when the question is posted, the flag in the upper corner has changed back to Dutch which means that the question is posted as a Dutch question. Indeed, when you go to, thee question will not be there. However when you go to (the English version), the question will be there.

How can I mak it so that whenever you are on the Dutch variant of the site, questions are posted as Dutch and not English?


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Rahul Aryan, would it be a lot of work for you to integrate with WPML? I would want to pay for it!

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Will not be hard. WPML is a paid plugin hence I never tried. Please get in touch by email [email protected]


That is a pity to hear because polylang is not supported by a lot of other plugins I am using 🙁 BTW, apart from the question being posted in the default language, anspress works pretty well together with wpml 😉

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Hello Nathan,

Sorry to disappoint but AnsPress does not work well with WPML. But PolyLang is fully supported by AnsPress. PolyLang is an open source alternative for WPML.


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Still finding Anspress the best plugin to work with but I need the WPML compatibility. The only thing that seems to be missing for me personally is a filter which sets the wpml language for the post to the current language when posting a question or answer. (I don’t need to really translate the question, just be able to stay in the same language when posting a question) Is this something that you would be interested in doing?