How to insert pdf word file on my site ? 2

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He(It) good smug person to place the code: line:/web/wp-content/plugins/anspress-questi on-answer / includes /

Please do not post same question again and again. Thank your for understanding.

You can check this post for read example of adding PDF upload field How to add a PDF upload field in AnsPress question form?.

Problem 1 (color blue) :  How to authorize the download of several pdf.
Problem 2 (color red) general : Your code does not work, the pdf does not send.



Can put yourselves the system ” upluad ” of anspress 4.0.0?



The old version is easy,
I misunderstood you, before we can posted pdf files, and now it’s over?And why use another plugin? How to make it compatible? I do not understand !

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