How to correct broken links issue after updating to PR7

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I just updated to anspress 1.0 PR7.
But all my previous sample questions’ links are broken.
the automatically generated new link (after update) for question is like-
This shows “Page Not Found”
Then, i tried with manually removing extra “wp/question/”, so the link is like –
But this shows “Error 404″
Then, I tried after removing “46/”, so now the link is like (this was the link working previously in pr6)-
But again it shows “error 404″
How to fix this.
I am sure a fresh install of wp+plugin might work correctly. but i am hoping if it can be fixed without fresh install.
atul tiwari
Edit 1 - I just tried one more link –
i.e. only removed the extra “wp/” and surprisingly it’s working.
Now the Question left is –
 – How to automatically correct this issue?
There is an excess “question/” added in path, so i changed my permalink of “anspress page” to –
to avoid any confusion.


I have the same problem on my site:
I have PR 8 loaded but it is still broke, I need this fixed fast or a way to revert back

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