Ability to embed questions based on a category?

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Hey there!
I am working on an education site where I was hoping to embed the ability to ask and read questions restricted to say a category. Example: On a week 01 page users would be able to answer and read only questions regarding week 01, and so on and so forth for the additional weeks. Week 03 would contain week 03 questions and only allow users to ask questions in this category.
Do page embed short codes exist which would restrict this to a category? Appreciate the time and look forward to talking more!


As there are lots of tasks to do in AnsPress, So I cannot work on your request before version 1.0,
But in 1.1 I will add category restriction based on user reputation and rank.

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Hi Rahul.

Is this possible with the latest version 2.4.8?
I would like to be able to insert a anspress on a post, but only a specific category, so people can as questions related to that specific post, on the post it self.

More or less like it was a comment system, but not for commets, for questions and answers related to that specific post, which I would the create a specific category for.

Just like the initial asker, I would use this for training.

Not 2.4.8 but in upcoming 3.0.0.

How far is 3.0?