How to add the info under user ‘about’ tab to buddypress q/a tab

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I am using anspress with buddypress and therefore clicking on a user redirects to buddypress profile page. I therefore lose user info like stats, votes, etc. How can i add the info under the anspress user about tab, i.e., (stats, reputation, votes, top answers, new questions) to appear under Q/A tab in buddypress?

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The reputation system has change since a 3.x version.

Given you have BuddyPress, did you activated the option BuddyPress ? that add up few things on the user profiles :

Anspress > Options & Add-ons > Add-ons > BuddyPress : activate it.

The result is a new Q&A tab with 3 sub-tabs :



I was NOT able to find the equivalent of former pre-4.01 stats :


If anyone finds a way, I’am interested !

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Hello, This profile page was long gone since 3.x. Its because it was interfering with lots of themes.

Hi, thanks for the precision. Is there still a way to pick up these values ? Votes receives : up, down ; Vote given : up, down ; Number of questions ; number of answers ; Number of comments ; Reputation. On the subpage /reputation, it could be good to display a slick row with these values. Could be good to make this row optional if you willfully were pushing for a light reputation feed rather than a dashboard.