how redirect login and register

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I am using a custom register and login pages for my site. How to redirect?

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You can direct add link in plugin editor>anspress>login sign.php
href=”php xx x x “>
This type of link you got in login and register

Replace with your custom link ???

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After installing redirection plugin i can able to re direct register button but i not able to redirect login button which is there below an answer.  Login url is changing as per the question name. How can i redirect this

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What is your login page link

When you click login button below anspress see link :

If you are using custom login then find its link may be or anything

In redirection first box*

It is important to write /.* And Regex option ticked

/.* Means all links login/xacdcfd redirect

Second box


I am trying to do the same thing but I’d prefer not to install a plugin just to do that.
Is it possible to just change the links that are being displayed on the page?  The page (/questions/ask/) just has the [anspress] shortcode on it.

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I am using ultimate member plugin for login and register in anspress it is working fine. If you want to redirect then you can install redirection plugin it will help you..

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