How can I overwrite content-list.php in child theme?

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I have a child theme with a folder called anspress and I want to edit the template called content-list.php this template is displayed via an

echo do_shortcode('[anspress]');

in home.php in the child theme. How would I copy this template file to the child theme to edit it? I imagine I would put it in a folder called anspress.  Would I then put it in another folder? I would eventually like to move the upvoting functionality to the home page. Do you have any other suggestions for doing so?

Thank you.

Your question is not clear for me.
You do it any way it works for you. If you have tried default/documented ways to achieve something and failed, then you have a question.
Have you tried it? Where exactly you got stuck?

Thanks for responding DIma. I eventually got it. I had assumed that the same file structure had to be respected but apparently not as I have it working. For anyone else looking a subfolder is not needed.