Hosting in US for WordPress/AnsPress with lost of resources?

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Hi guys, looking through Quora, I came across, a web hosting with automatic scaling of server resources without the need to restart the server and at a reasonable price. At the moment I’m using SiteGround, but I have some problems with their hosting, and I would like to move somewhere else.

For now, I have 14 days of free trial, and I have not decided yet, but I like the performance and their admin panel (UX <3). I talked to their support, and they can move me between servers for free, so I would not have to do it alone.

Does any of you have any experience with them? I wonder if AnsPress will work well on their servers, and this option of automatically scaling resources is tempting. What do you think?


By the way, Rahul, when full support for guests? ? You know, an option to ask questions and add answers without the need to log in and with notifications by email?

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Hi Priard!
Just had a look at They sure know how to take care of their UX. 😉 It seems quite promising: would you mind coming back to us after you’ve chosen you’re new hosting and tell us a bit why? It’s always nice to have some real users feedback. 😀

Sure, I will share my thoughts. For now, it is promising, we will see what will happen later, but I still have no idea how to share my impressions about it, in the comment under this post it will merely “die in hiding” and will not reach anyone. Any ideas?

I guess you could just start a new topic (even though it’s not a question) and refer to this post. Don’t really know if it’s ok to do so but at least the message will have some visibility. 😉

Now comments are shown, so maybe I will add just that for may simple review of Dynamic Edge web hosting. If not, then I will add answer to my own question here. BTW thx for Your advice. 🙂

looking forward to your feedback. 😀

I see, that I’am logged in, but I don’t see any user menu in the top. it’s a bug or a feature? 😉

Sorry, its a bug. Working on fix.



I will recommend DigitalOcean. Very low price and they also have WordPress image.

Sorry for delay. My days are not good at all so not able to work, hope thing will get normal very soon. ?

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Take care Rahul!

Yes, I know DigitalOcean very well actually, but I need something like a cloud without the need to manage it yourself. I just don’t have time to do that. Dynamic Edge from is something like a cloud but operated by administrators almost like shared hosting in that way. I probably give them a try, but thanks a lot for Your answer! 🙂

I’m not happy with these hidden comments. A lot of discussions and possible solutions does not reach users because of that. They should be visible by default IMO. Is it just a matter of performance or are they hidden for another reason? Also, adding another comment is not very convenient. You can not see the discussion history; it is difficult to refer to the answers of other users. 🙁

Hi @Priard!
Completely agree with you. You can actually do so (show comments by default) since recently but I guess Rahul didn’t choose this option for I’m following this topic so I did get notifications but I definitely agree people just browsing through our discussion will mainly only see your question and Rahul’s answer…

Hello Guys,
I enabled option for showing comments by default. I am planning for adding multiple layout designs for single question page like: Form, discussion, issue.

yeah! that’s more like it! 😉

Hi Rahul,

I think not everyone know Anspress support replying comment by click the date:)

so, it would be great if there is Reply icon or “Reply” text to show or hint user how to reply.:) Please check this screenshot:,

Also in this screenshot, it actually quote the content from original comment.

So, “Add a comment” in Anspress is adding a comment on question or answer, but “reply” under comments provide a great way for user to interact and discuss.