From Fast 1 week There error whenever someone clicks on their profile it redirects to our Homepage ?

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I’m facing this issue from past 1-2 weeks tried a lot but couldn’t fix it. Please Help

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What have you changed since the last time profiles worked? Have you updated AnsPress? Have you installed new plugins or updated old ones?

The simplest answer is you author archive page is disabled by your SEO plugin, if you are using Yoast SEO it is automatically set to disabled so you don’t get page duplicate. Flow this guide to enable it: How to disable or enable the author archives. If you are using other SEO plugin do a google search.

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Thank you it solved the Problem. 🙂
Can You Please explain how to add syntax highlighter to AnsPress.

Sorry, I have never used that option.

Since 4.1.2:
“A new add-on was added to AnsPress for syntax highlighting. It will add a new button in the visual editor to add inline and block code. This add on uses a popular JS library for highlighting codes, visit project homepage for more information: SyntaxHighlighter”

As I understand you need to active the SyntaxHighlighter addon.

Hello @strannajaplaneta,

Thanks for shearing the solution with us. I will add this to FAQ.