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Hi ! Maybe this post already exist but i can’t find it out.
I need to translate some of the terms that are still in english, there is some issues on the french translation too…
Like : “minuteutes” instead of “minutes”
I tried with loco translate but can’t find out, and with the po file directly but whithout a success.
Thanks for your help !
To Finish, it’s a great plugin and free ! really like the way it’s display. Thanks to the team !!

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The “minuteutes” issue is not a French translation one. Someone had the same issue in Italian. I have seen this bug for months and can’t find the cause of it. I have seen it in another plugin too, so I’m not sure it’s 100% related to AnsPress…

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Hi Fred,
I have been trying to find this issue since long time without any success.

Found the issue at last. Fixed it. Let me know if this works at your end.

Hi Rahul!
Great! Yes, it has been bothering us for a while. ^^ Gonna try the fix. So it was AnsPress related? I’m sure I have the same issue while displaying the time on the content of an other plugin… Anyway. Gonna try. Thanks again!

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