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Hey – I’ve extended the plugin some to include more content of any give question thru the widgets, and specifically the vote buttons. But I cant seem to get the snackbar to display messages when user interacts with votes – see here: http://twxcommunity.alphaintelknows.com/

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello Matt,
Please share exact link to your widget.

Any direction to where I can edit the #ap-snackbar would be appreciated…


I removed the voting option from the extended “widget-questions.php”, referenced in my question. But there is still an issue when logged out users can read comments and questions, but are unable to post.  There is no error message in the default comment modal with these settings. Instead of just hiding the comment function from logged out users, I updated the post-footer section as follows:

<?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {echo ap_comment_btn_html();} else {echo ‘<a class=”ap-btn-newcomment ap-btn ap-btn-small” href=”#wow-modal-id-1″>Add Comment</a>’;}?>

to display a different comment button and created custom modal.

See example: http://twxcommunity.alphaintelknows.com/thriveworks-question/how-to-talk-to-strangers/

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Thanks for letting us know.