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Hi Rahul,
I move this topic from github.com: https://github.com/anspress/anspress/issues/449
Whatever I use the plugin of Local translate or POedit
I can not make the translation works here.
in Chinese, there is no difference between single and Plural
is this” 1 Answer and % answer” to show the number under Question? I mean here in this Screenshot:http://prntscr.com/jao0iu
If Yes, How should I make it ignore single or Plural? should edit Mo file but not Po file?

I just suppose you do not catch what I mean.
both single or Plural answer are both 答案 in chinese.
but there is only one input field for chinese translations.
so the problem for me is that I can not input % answer(答案 in Chinese), otherwise, it will does not display correctly if there is only 1 answer(答案);
but I also can not input 1 answer(答案 in Chinese), otherwise, it will does not display correctly either if there are more than 1 answer(答案).
Also, If I input % answer, it does not work:


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Hi @Rahul,

any suggestion on this topic please?

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Hello Allex,
I wasn’t able to fix your problem because i’m unable to replicate it on my development server. Can you please join me in skype and discuss about it.

Sorry, I did not find your Skype ID, would you please send me email? here is my Skype: alexlii


Hi @Rahul,
If it is difficult to handle the translation in PO file, can I translate it in php file? if yes, please let me know which file I should edit.


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