Contributing to AnsPress via GitHub

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Hello AnsPress Owner(s)/Maintainers,
As mentioned in 2 separate questions that I posted on the Support Forum, I have 2 enhancements to AnsPress given below that I would like to contribute via GitHub pull request:

  1. Added a new filter to customize the Ask Button text on the base page. Default Text is ‘Ask question’.
  2. Added new validate method ‘is_checked’ for the Checkbox field. This method will help in situations when the checkbox field is required to be checked before the form (Ask Question Page) can be submitted.

I have tested my changes locally and it is working perfectly as expected. Could you point me in the right direction to submit these changes. Do I create a fork on AnsPress project in GitHub, make the changes on the fork, commit the changes and then create a pull request? Also, can I submit both changes in a single pull request? Please specify the steps and I will submit the enhancements on hearing from you. Thanks!

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Hello Rahul / Maintainers –
I submitted 2 pull requests in GitHub today:
#521 – Updated theme.php – Added filter to customize the Ask button text.
#522 – Updated class-validate.php – Added ‘is_checked’ method to validate if checkbox is checked.
Please review and let me know if any changes need to be made.

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