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Up until recently WPML was working perfectly fine for me while using both plugins.

Now it seems like there a compatibility issue. I’ve tried to downgrade AnsPress which solved the problem but only when I’m downgrading to version 3.0.6. The next one I was able to find was 4.0.2 but nothing else between them.

  1. Where can I find other versions of AnsPress?
  2. Can the compatibility issue be solved somehow? I’m using both plugins for a long time now and changing one of them isn’t really practical 🙂

Thank you.

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Or you can try installing 4.1.0.


@nahem – You can probably get these on GitHub in the tags section – see below

I wouldn’t recommend this though as these are older releases, and probably no longer supported.

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Hi, Thanks. Since my website receives thousands of daily visitors I had no choice but to downgrade the version of AnsPress in order for everything to work fine. Is there any plans to make the plugin compatible with WPML? Thank you.

Please get in touch by email.