Child theme for modifications

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I am completely new to wordpress and I am not a programmer. I employed the services of someone to do some modifications to this wonderful theme of yours. The problem I have is that he did not use a child theme, told me a child theme will not work in this scenario and instead modified the main theme and added custom files and all. Every single time there is an upgrade here I have to call him up to upgrade and he charges me very high for upgrades and also wastes a lot of time.

He made changes to the following files:




And added 9 other files.

What can I do solve this upgrade issues once and for all as I would love to simple perform upgrades once they are made available without having to constantly pay this developer to do that for me.



He said wrong. You can override above files from child theme. Simply create a child theme and copy this files there keep same directory path. Like if you want to override:


Then copy it to child theme with same path


There are lots of plugins available to create a child theme by few clicks, search for them in Lemme know if you need any further assistance.