cant change category icons

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am not  able to change  categories icons .i have  downloaded  some pics , but am not  able to place them .

i still have the bellow  issue . click on Update  have no effect .  please  help


{{apimage “pic1.PNG” “”}}

Please  check my Link bellow


Hello Mel,
I see all icons are hidden in your site, is that what you wanted? By default AnsPress shows a folder icon if no icon is set.


I just made a commit to our GitHub repo to fix this problem.


I put this in the Addition CSS under Customize to just remove the icons all together


#anspress .ap-taxo-detail .ap-category-icon, #anspress .ap-category-item .ap-cat-img-c .ap-category-icon, #ap-categories-widget.ap-cat-wid li .ap-cat-image{#anspress .ap-taxo-detail .ap-category-icon, #anspress .ap-category-item .ap-cat-img-c .ap-category-icon, #ap-categories-widget.ap-cat-wid li .ap-cat-image{ display:none}


already reported long back.. i think user needs to submit same issue multiple times on regular basis for long time for developer to workout on the same.

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