Calling all translators

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If anyone is willing to translate AnsPress can write their username here with language code.

Also you can visit here:


current editors:
#es_Es – @jsousa
#nl – @nbijl
#ru – @linuxmaster

there are many missing phrases , and also on new updates there are more .
for example it is not possible to translate “reputation” in this new version.
and there more like:
related question
recent post
Question stats
category ( in ASK )
Select a topic that best fits your question ( in ASK)

these are missed in the code , however you have them in PO files but not covered in the code properly.


Hello to the team and all fellow translators!

I have been working intensively on the French translation those past few days. Do we know who is the main editor that can approve pending translations? I didn’t find a way to download the file INCLUDING the “waiting” strings and I need to test the translation in context on my staging site. There are quite a few strings that look alike (I even suspect there are some unnecessary duplicated ones…) and that I need to see on site to be able to translate the best way (length and meaning).

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Fred. I requested polyglot team to add you as AnsPress french translation editor. But they asked you to join their chat on slack. Please respond to them on given link and join french translation team on WordPress slack.


Thanks Rahul! I just left them a message. 😉


I can translate this plugin to Chinese. Can I do my contribution on github?

my username: oncebasun


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Translation form github is not supported. Please try translation from here:


Spanish translations are a bit so so, and some stuff missing, do you need some help with it?

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I already fixed yesterday the Spanish .po files for the anspress question answer, and I created it for the category plugin too, and translated it. Would you want me to send you those files?


Hi Rahul,

I am interested in Tamil Translation. How do I get started with this?

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Thank you Rahul for Anspress Q&A plugin, It looks really promising and I really considered contributing in the “Arabic” translation during my work on a single language “Arabic RTL website”.

Unfortunately I came across this issue where “Pages slugs” has to be in latin letters for anspress pages to work properly. But I am using “Arabic letters” slugs in permalinks for the whole site with no problems. I am only getting 404 error when I try to use “Arabic” letters in Anspress Pages slugs.

Works  >>
Error 404 >>اسئلة/اضف-سؤال

My DB charset is “utf8” / DB collation is utf8_general_ci

Any thoughts on this issue would be gladly appreciated.

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This could be a bug. I will check and update you soon.

Alright then, thank you for the speedy response!



Already started working on the Hebrew version.


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tomnielsen78 – I will translate Danish (DK) version


Hi how do i download the danish version, i will also translate it, for better use, when its translatet.

You can trsnaslte it from here: After translating there is a export link at the bottom, simply export as .po and .mo and upload to /language folder in AnsPress.

Super ty – How long before the uplode of the new translatien i have done are ready and active in danish version, ( The old version was translatet by “i think its a sweden” some of the old words i have fixed was swedish ) Im finish with the translation – so pz update it – TY

When i try to remake some of the swidish words in the danish version is Write (Error: Identical current or waiting translation already exists) !!!

Hi Rahul Aryan – When do they Update the translation i have made ??


Hey, I asked AnsPress translation. Do all of the files to translate it work?
and whether it be .mo and .po file name?

Thank you!


In the translation file can you add the 2nd help text.

‘Select a topic that best fits your question’