Bugs detected on 4.1.1

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There is still some minor stuff to fix on this version:

  • Translation issues on Ask form, before it was all translated now it looks some strings are out of possible translation
    • Same translation issues on Comenting and Answering
  • Breadcrumbs of Categories are broken if you Categories slug is diferent than ‘categories’
  • Subcategories forums do not follow same page structure than Categories, for any random Category I have sidebars, this sidebars were not there before, and are not showing in any other Anspress page.
  • In my case: Add a comment Javascript looks broken


Please make sure to flush your site cache after updating.

All forms of AnsPress are re-coded so their location in files are changed. To fix translations just update your translation .mo with anspress .pot file.

Since, 4.1.x AnsPress inheriting WP template hierarchy. So, for all main pages page.php is loaded and for single question its single.php. To keep all main pages layout same, simply create a template file anspress.php.

I will check breadcrumbs and update you in a moment.


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I created a (full width / no side bar) anspress.php template and it sorted my page side bars too (consistently the same). Thanks Rahul