[BUG] Widget Data-Setting not working

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This is probably to do with other 1.5 update problems but the Widget Data – Setting Import/Export Plugin┬áputs 9 widgets directly into the “Inactive Widgets” section.

I should just mention this is on the primary blog of a multisite install.

The current widget_data.json file puts 15 widgets directly into the “Inactive Widgets” section on a fresh install.


Did you changed askbug theme folder name to anything else? if so, simply download theme and manually copy to theme folder. Else updater will try to rename the theme folder.

I renamed the folder back to askbug and then copied it over. That was the problem I was left with. So I am now going to delete the theme altogether and start again from scratch with the latest release download.

I just made a complete new VPS and webserver to run my site and installed 2.4 from scratch.

Either widget_data.json is wrong or there’s something else going on because the widget data import drops 15 widgets into the Inactive Widgets section.