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I have searched on the website and I know this has been asked many times in the past. I imagine the reason why there is no solution is because it is too much work for you guys to fully integrate it.

Description of site:
I have a buddypress website and want to replace bbpress with anspress in the groups. Every group has its own anspress category which matches the buddypress group category. This is embedded via shortcode manually into buddypress template groups page – see below




So everything is good up til now, but when you click on a question you are taken out of the buddypress group template page. i need the next page to remain within buddypress group. Almost like an iframe embedded into the red box.

So I’m looking for some sort of work around to get it to appear correct. For example, when creating a anspress category, admin inputs buddypress group ID relationship (can be done in php-myadmin if need be) or every anspress category has its own template page (which I don’t mind doing as there are not too many groups. Is this possible, and I was wondering if you can point me the right direction.

I have also played with the permalink of each category using this post

How to add category to AnsPress question permalink

I will be paying devs on upwork to do this and will share their modifications on here for the anspress community, but just need to know if this is viable and to point the devs in the right direction so i can estimate the dev costs.

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is there documentation about this? We have Pro and I can’t figure out how to get AnsPress Questions or Answers relevant to a Group to appear there either.

Hello. this initial question is just as important and relevant in 2023. Curious if there’s been an answer or a solution for this yet…


I am interested in the integration into Buddyboss Groups. It will be nice to add it in and replace the bbpress. Each group can administer its own AnsPress.
Is integration available? I would be interested to buy the plugin. There should be alot of interest in the integration.

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I’m also interested in this…

I’m also interested. Any solution for this?


Rahul, is there documentation about this?  We have Pro and I can’t figure out how to get AnsPress Questions or Answers relevant to a Group to appear there either.

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Hello Guys,

Yes, this is completed functionality of AnsPress pro. I will not be able to share more detail right now but it will be avilable in initial release.

Yes Fred is right, I’m not able to download file. Please share your code from gist.


Hi @superphi and thanks for this contribution!

I think this was actually worked on but I’m not sure how far the devs have been. The main dev, Rahul, has some health problem right now, so give him some time to reply. I’m sure he’ll be glad to help and tell you if it’s viable or not. 😉

PS: your link is not working right now, will try again later.