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Hi all!

Since 4.0 and the BuddyPress addon, I’m trying to integrate BP even further with AnsPress. I managed to customize the text on BP activity stream, so that it pulls the title of the question like for regular posts.

I replace:

Fred asked a new question 2 months ago


Fred asked a new question: How to override BP? 2 months ago


The filter for achieving this is already working, so if you like the idea (@rahul?), I can push it to Github to be included in core.

If the team/Rahul prefers that the activity item stays the way it is, then I would like to know how to override buddypress.php because I can’t seem to find it in the templates folder as per instructed on this page. Is there a way to override this file?

Good week to you all!

Hello Fred, Sure, feel free to send a pull request. I will check and merge to core. Thanks a lot. Which buddypress.php file you are talking about? I don’t think there is any buddypress.php file in templates? Lemme know.


This is great, Fred. I was about to request this and found your question.

Please let us know when this has been committed.

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Hi Bruce!
Glad you like the idea. I committed it quite a while ago but the team has been busy with new version of AnsPress and I think my commit needs some adjustment. In case you wanna check: https://github.com/anspress/anspress/pull/372

Hello Guys,
It was not committed because I need to add prefetch logic first. Else it will slow load page. @fred sorry for delay.

No need to apologize Rahul, this is not a priority and it’s great to know you’re making sure my contribution is not breaking down everything. Sorry for not being able (yet!) to do that as well. 😉

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