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Hi Rahul.

I am using Anspress on my website i.e. – Whenever user edit his answer, System sends email to all users while it should send to admin and to the owner of that question only, Please let me know how can I fix it? it sends emails in “Bcc”. By default user’s role is set to “Subscriber” but I changed the role to “ap_participant” but still the problem is same. I’m using Anspress V 4.1.7


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You mean all users of site or just the question participants?

Yes, All the users are getting email. I’ve around 127 users and its sending answer edit email to all of them. they are marked as Subscriber and ap_participants.
Pls let me know how can I fix it?


Which version of AnsPress? have you tried with development version? Can you provide me access to your site for debugging?

Hi Rahul,
Please let me know where can I share the credentials of admin? I replied back to your email but it bounced back.


Yes same issue is with me. It is sending to all users in BCC and admin email in receiver. I tried to disable the user notification from email addon but it is still sending the emails to all the users. Using the V 4.1.7

Yes, I did not get any answer to it from Rahul. Rahul please do the needful and let us know the fix of it.


I have updated to all of the latest versions and am still having a problem that when someone edits an answer all people are getting a notification email, not just the person who answered the question. Please tell me how to fix.

Is anspress-email plugin installed? please disable it.

I did disable the plugin after I realized it was sending emails to everyone. However, I do want to be able to send an email to tell people their question was answered and also receive an email when people post questions.

Enable email addon in wp-admin->addons->email


we are already using email extension 2.1 and anspress version 4.1.12 and are having the notification problem.

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