Anspress plugin deactivated on my site

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Suddenly anspress plugin on my site deactivated with a message: the plugin deactivated because of header problem
Please help. I am not being able to see the plugin in my plugin manager as well. How to recover.

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Hello Uttam,
I don’t think this issue is because of AnsPress. But I am interested to know about this issue. Can you please share us access to you site? (we prefer staging site).
You can mail us at [email protected]

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Hi Rahul, so I found out that while customizing a bit in main php file of this plugin, whole of the content in the file got accidentally deleted and saved. It all happened in fraction of seconds that I could not know all this. After installing filezilla while I checked the files of anspress plugin the main file was of 0 bytes. I just changed that file and it started working again.
However, thanks for your prompt reply.