anspress not using theme header footer

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After updating to  Anspress  4.1.4  answer-press is showing result without header footer of theme and css style. If i create manual page and add shortcode [anspress], this shows page with question and  theme header footer. But when try to ask question or give  answer page is not coming with header footer. Plz help

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I am sure its due to your theme. May be its not following WordPress theme standards. To fix this create a file anspress.php and copy all content from page and then add shortcode to it.

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Hi Rahul aryan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have created page in same theme, if these pages are not part of anspress option setting(where we define pages), they are showing every thing correctly(Page with header, question etc).

But when i select the same as base page, it start working without header, footer and css.

I am using “Education WordPress Theme | Education WP”( it was supporting anspress till the time i have not updated anspress.

Plz guide what to do

Please send me your theme to [email protected] for testing.