AnsPress 4.0.0-beta.3 is out

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Hello Everyone,

Please download and try our latest beta release from here:

Changelog can be seen here:

  • Normalize addons path
  • Added subscribe button
  • Check if user can access post before sending email
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ap_delete_subscriptions
  • Fixed: Question border not being highlighted
  • Removing codeception tests as PHPUnit test will be written from scratch
  • Improved email notification and subscribers
  • Added email queues and content table
  • Added subscription CRUD
  • Fix Categories can’t remove icon or add a new one
  • When using BuddyPress Add in the links to answers and reps don’t work.
  • Fixed MySql datatype of qameta views and flags to store large numbers
  • Fixed: illegal string offset date
  • Fixed attachment delete
  • Fixed delete uploads
  • Renamed author page to user page
  • Update term ids
  • Improved list layout
  • Include missing template files
  • Rename base.php and content-list.php to question-list.php and question-list-item.php
  • Fixed: non-logged in user seeing moderate answer
  • Removed dynamic avatar addon
  • Migrate category meta
  • Fixed static method warning
  • Fixed best answer migrate bug
  • Do not show upgrade message to new installs

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Answered question

Thanks for your hard work!!

To me it does´t work:

  • Fix Categories can’t remove icon or add a new one
  • When on a question, any link give me a 403 error.
  • Filter on categories page

I used the tools of the plugin to completely delete all DB, and then install this new 4.0b3.

Not sure if I am doing something wrong.

commented on answer

Hello Carlos,
Is there any error in browser console?

For “When on a question, any link give me a 403 error” make sure base page exists and published.

the base page is published… the whole site is working, and with the rest of anspress too.. it is only when I enter in one question.
Could it be that the permalink structure for anspress is not working well? I changed it.

/wp-content/plugins/anspress-4.0.0-beta.3/assets/js/min/question.min.js?ver=4.0.0-beta.3 403 (Forbidden)
Gives me this error in the browser console, when I am in a question

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