Anspress 4.0.0 Answers are still counted after deletion

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After I delete some answers, it’s not changing the total answers count on the all questions list.

Edit (after Rahul’s comment):

While listing all questions,


and in the question statistics widget,

As you can see, there’s no answer in the page actually while it says 1 answer. Because I deleted it.


Have you made any overrides before? Its not changing everywhere or in just one place? show me where.

I’ve added some screenshots. By the way, these shots are from anspress v3.0.7. I had to go back to my backup because of another issue. So, I say that’s problem still there for v4.0 but I’m not sure about question stat widget on v4. I’ll test it on another server and check it later.

Have you started migration process?

Yes. While upgrading, before start to using v4.0. But it showed me errors 4-5 times and I pushed the button again, then it continues.

Please give me access to your site, [email protected]