All Comments appearing with Asker’s name?

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Hello there. I have been having this issue with the plugin since the day I installed it. When a user asks a question, and another user comments on the question, it will appear as the Asker’s name instead of the new user’s name.
For example:
Person A asks a question.
Person B responds in a comment [not answer]. But Person B’s name appears as Person A.

It makes following the thread very difficult because we do not know who is speaking. The same thing is true for a person who Answers the question, if someone responds to that answer in a comment form, it will appear as the Answer person’s username.
I have included a screenshot for example.
How do I fix this?
Thank you,

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Hello Krys,
Look like a plugin conflict. Do you have BuddyPress installed?
The best way to find the plugin which is causing this is

  1. disable all the plugins
  2. Enable each plugin one by one.

Let me know once you have found the plugin.

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