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I have to start out by saying this plugin has so much potential and is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!

I have used bbPress for years and dislike it because it’s nothing more than a “left behind” core WordPress plugin. So much potential, but damn it sucks. Seriously.

While looking for a replacement today, I came across both AnsPress and DW Question & Answer. I started with AnsPress and quickly noticed that everything was almost perfect out of the box. AnsPress, in my opinion, is far and away better than both bbPress and DW Question & Answer – by a long shot!!!!

Great job with what you’ve done and thank you!

1. The “Add image to editor upload or add image from linkseems to be broken. The “add image from link” works just fine, but the “upload” button is definitely broken.

Any word on this? I’m currently using Version

2. The speed of the “bottom-left notifications” is a bit slow. I personally don’t think there needs to be a 2-3 second delay like we currently see. I think the notifications should be immediate and hope this can be fixed.

Thank you for your time and thank you for creating a bbPress killer.


Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m so glad you liked AnsPress. AnsPress is based on its users feedback hence I believe its awesomeness credit goes to all AnsPress community and even you too.

  1. In image upload not work, but its has been fixed many days ago. You can get latest commit from github Its safe to use development version, but there may be some unfinished UI.
  2. Really? I am not adding any delay. Notice is triggered as soon as response received from server.


Don’t you think all fixes / new versions should be released on the WordPress repository as soon as it’s released on GitHub? I would be willing to bet that most WordPress users don’t have a clue as to what GitHub is.

I personally think the WordPress repo is FAR more important.

What are your thoughts on this?


We push to WordPress repo after doing beta testing but all fixes are immediately pushed to github. Currently we are working on a major version hence it cannot be pushed to Wp repo without beta testing.

So what you’re saying is you’re working on a major version (improvement) over what I see today?!?! This plugin is already far better than bbPress and your team is about to drop something better?! Hahahahaha! Yes!! Amazing!!!

I couldn’t be happier that I found your plugin!

When do you expect the new update?! I can’t wait!

Thanks :D, here is roadmap:, 90% tasks are done. currently working on this:, beta version is expected tomorrow (if everything goes well)

Rahul, I’m blown away. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Your plugin is FANTASTIC. I personally think you should follow Ultimate Member (hands down the best membership plugin on the market today: and offer a free core plugin with all the features you have, and then add premium extensions to it so that you can continue working on this and make some money. If all goes well, hopefully WordPress will buy this from you and scrap bbPress bc bbPress has NOTHING on what you’ve created.

Thanks, your feedback encourage me to make it better. I will think for premium extensions later, thanks for suggestions.

I will no doubt give your plugin 5 stars… But I think these two issues need to be fixed first:

#1: The upload feature needs to be fixed and updated on the WordPress repo.

#2. I don’t like how “these comments” aren’t broken into paragraphs by default. When I’m writing this response to you, I am adding new paragraphs. When I hit the comment button on the right, my perfectly spaced out reply gets turned into a “single paragraph” which in my opinion, is a bug.

If I hit “Return > Return” on my Mac, I’m trying to create a new paragraph. With your current comment system, the “new paragraph” functionality doesn’t work. This needs to be fixed.

Once both of these issues are fixed, I will write you a stellar 5 star review. This I promise you. Thanks again for such a fantastic plugin. I really hope you continue to develop it and that WordPress wakes up and purchases it as the default Forum solution.

Kudos to you and your team.

Paragraph are not allowed in comments, I am stripping it. Comment should be used for sort discussion. If you have long replay update your Answer. It will really not look good if there will be line break in comments. this is inspired from

I STRONGLY disagree with you here. Here’s why: Most users are what I would call “not tech savvy.” Most users aren’t going to know to update your Answer if they have a long comment/reply.

Not only that, Syntax basics ALWAYS point to vertical spacing. Say for example, an email reply to your boss. Are you going to send the “four paragraph” reply to him/her in one paragraph? Or are you going to break it up into four paragraphs – which is proper? I imagine you would choose four, instead of one. 🙂

Say for example your custom CSS stylesheet. Are you going to put each ID / class on one line and not indent? Or are you going to space it out vertically and use indention. I imagine you would choose to space it, instead of have it all jumbled up.

Same goes for comments…

In my opinion, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Facebook, StackOverflow, etc. – are all doing certain things that the general public DISAGREES with. No matter how big or awesome a company is – anything that’s currently being done can be done BETTER. Period.

And you already know this (AnsPress is your proof).

When it comes to writing and paragraph spacing – it’s essential. No matter what StackOverflow of Google are currently doing.



Everything described in error message 🙂

this error means there are duplicate function hence there are duplicate files. you cannot keep both folder:

anspress-master and anspress-question-answer, delete anspress-question-answer folder and then activate the anspress.