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Hi Rahul!

I just installed beta 1 on my development platform and looks like the update went smoothly (no error, my old settings are still there from what I checked,…). Nice job!

I do have some questions and remarks for the new pages system though.


  • Even though I setup a page for all the components I use (base page + addons) I still get the error message (One or more AnsPress page(s) does not exists. Set automatically Or Set set by yourself). I would only show by default in Options the Archives Page and Ask Page. Other pages settings should be displayed only if admin has enabled the corresponding addons (you don’t need a User page if you don’t use AP User Profile, you don’t need the Categories or Tags Page if you don’t have those addons enabled).
  • In the above error message (One or more AnsPress page(s) does not exists. Set automatically Or Set set by yourself), the “Set automatically” link is always pointing to “create base page” even though Base Page has been chosen in options. I didn’t try clicking on it but users might click and get a new base page created which is quite confusing…

That’s all for my remarks! 😀



  • I don’t understand how the new page system works for Categories. I have to set a Categories Page (which has its own slug of course) but then, in the Category addon, I have to set a slug for the Categories Page (again?!) and Category single page. It doesn’t quite make sense and actually my categories pages are not working at all. ^^;
  • For the Ask page, I chose one but nothing is displayed there. Should I “manually” put my form there (widget? shortcode?)?


Ok, that’s it for now, let’s start with that. Really happy to see this new page system though, it should be much easier to customize layout and match it with the rest of the website.

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Ok,, everything working perfectly with the [anspress] shortcode inserted in every page (ask form, categories,…). Here is what I suggest in backend:

It’s not that long and would make it impossible to miss I think. 😉

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Not just ask page, all pages require shortcode. I have already added a note in option. Please update from GH. You can directly send a pull request to our GitHub repository.

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