2.3-beta2 released – try and let us know

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[x] Show tags in user subscription page
[x] Improve categories page
[x] Tags page
[x] If answer is private do not notify others
[x] Close question after selecting if option enabled
[x] Notification as dropdown
[x] Redirect user to login page if non loggedin user try to visit profile
[x] Error message on description field is overlapped by upload field
[x] How to ask tab
[x] Add category and tags filter in question list
[x] Improve category widget
[x] Cutoff text error
[x] Image upload size
[x] add option to disable hover card
[x] tags and category page show 404 if no posts
[x] Add users widget
[x] Add improved icons:
[x] Paragraph in comments
[x] Add [solved] in question title
[x] User page show anonymous when permalink not enabled
[x] Allow filtering page slug
[x] Add basic capabilities to every role


Another strange behavior: all users have the same page as mine…

I have just come to see that whoever I choose amongĀ users, the link for the user-page always leadĀ to the logged-in user’s one.

Hover card still so cool looking but linked are altered too.

I just checked, its shows proper URL in hover card.

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