AnsPress 4.1.6

Happy new year to all. In this release we have added lots of unit test. We also decided to change our unit test framework to CodeCeption. This release also have some bug fixes which can be seen in changelog.

AnsPress 4.1.5

We are pleased to announce the last release of AnsPress for this year.  Development will resume again after 2nd January.

A major feature AnsPress\Session() is introduced in this release. AnsPress session will be helpful for storing custom session variable of a user. In previous release there was a bug which prevents anonymous users to view their post when new question/answer status is set to moderation. To fix this bug, we need to know that the current user is the original poster but things are complicated when we cannot use PHP session. As you already know that WP does not utilize PHP session, so we have to introduce our custom session handler.

Improved tags field validation and included selectize.js library for better tags suggestion. Apart from this there are few bug fixes which can be found below.

AnsPress 4.1.4

Fixed a critical issue with single question page.

AskBug 3.1.4

Fixed: Removed deprecated functions for anspress page template.

AskBug 3.1.3

Fixed few minor bugs.
– Fixed: user profile editing does not work.
– Improved: Login and signup box.

AnsPress 4.1.2

AnsPress 4.1.2 is released with some exciting features and bug fixes.

We are thinking of improving the email notifications and adding push notifications but we needed an activity feed for that. So we have re-added activity feed which was removed from core because of performance issue. Now you can show activity feeds without sacrificing the site performance. At the moment, the activities given below are shown and more are coming soon.

  1. New question
  2. Edit question
  3. New answer
  4. Edit answer
  5. New comment.
  6. Edit comment.
  7. Post status transitions.
  8. Question featured.
  9. Question closed.
  10. Answer selected.
  11. Answer unselected.

From now on activities will not be stored in the ap_qameta table. In previous version of AnsPress, activity are stored in ap_qameta table as a serialized string and it was hard to search.

A modern and nice looking design was added for activities page. Screenshot of feed can be found below in screenshot section.

A new add-on was added to AnsPress for syntax highlighting. It will add a new button in the visual editor to add inline and block code. This add on uses a popular JS library for highlighting codes, visit project homepage for more information: SyntaxHighlighter.

In previous version of AnsPress we moved comments to the model but due to request from the community we are now showing comments below every posts. Numbers of comments to show can be defined in AnsPress.

Rest of bug fixes and commits can be seen below.

AskBug 3.1.1

Fixed few minor bugs related to page titles.

AnsPress 4.1.1

Fixed bugs which appeared in the previous version of AnsPress. Make sure to flush minify or JS cache after updating to this version.

AskBug 3.1.0

This update contains AnsPress 4.1.0 compatibility. Fixed some minor bugs while using with latest version of AnsPress.

AnsPress 4.1.0

We are very pleased to announce that AnsPress 4.1.0 has been released. We were working on this release for almost two months. Lots of bug fixes and improvements done. Rather than adding a new feature, we focused on improving the old functionality. Few major changes made to the core are are listed below.