AnsPress 4.1.6

Happy new year to all. In this release we have added lots of unit test. We also decided to change our unit test framework to CodeCeption. This release also have some bug fixes which can be seen in changelog.

Release details


Download source code.

You can also get it using composer or git clone.


New functions introduced in this release.


Total 1961 changes


  1. Despite multiple submitted Support requests, the plugin’s developer has not answered and appears uninterested. I’d consider paying premium if there was any kind of support or if the developer cared. However, due to the lack of responsiveness, I will be exploring for other options.

  2. AnsPress is designed with developers in mind and can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements. Overriding any aspect of the template layouts is possible. Our source code adheres to WordPress coding standards and is well-documented. We’re working on a documentation site that should be up and running soon.


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